Dance and nature

It is time to rediscover for us and for future generations this living connection that the ancients had with the earth and to dance for it. We are the guardians of the Earth.

Fabienne Courmont

Danse et nature

Love for nature

If there is one thing that I wish to transmit in my teachings it is the love for nature.

Dancing with trees, butterflies, rivers, rocks and give them our love

To feel that we are One with them , to commune with the Whole and to heal our connection with the Earth. Connecting with Mother Earth allows you to anchor yourself and find your place in the Universe. Nature gives us so much and it asks us to not get far away from her.

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In Isness Dance we explore this link to nature through the alchemical dance of the 5 elements, Butô dance and the study of natural movement inspired by Isadora Duncan. Through this experience everyone rediscover his own capacity to be in harmony with what surrounds us.

Earth medicine dance

Following Isadora Duncan, a fundamental element in Isness Dance is to find the source of the natural movement. Being in harmony with nature through our dance is essential to regain inner harmony. By establishing a dialogue between the body and nature based on respect and listening, we rediscover our sacred link to Mother Earth.

Through the meditation of Butô of the nature, hyper slowness and the awakening of the 5 senses, we develop a subtle listening tool that breaks down the barrier with our environment. It is a shamanic experience in one’s essence where anyone can find his capacity to enter into osmosis with what surrounds him. The Dancer then becomes the "medium of the place", a channel between the earth and heaven. In a co-breathing dance, receiving cosmic energies, light, he gives it back in a dance of love and healing to the earth and to the elements. Likewise,he receives from nature and the elements what he needs. It’s a real earth medicine dance.

Danse medecine de la terre

Finding the most beautiful forms in nature and discovering the movement that expresses the soul of these forms: this is the dancer's mission. It is only in nature that the dancer should find his inspirations.

Isadora Duncan