Isness Dance academy

Academie Danse de l'Être®

Because of your dance, you make the world more beautiful !

Isness Dance Academy

Isness Dance Academy

After 30 years of research, experiences,teachings, exchanges and creations of multi-cultural events in France and around the world Fabienne Courmont, founded with her team Isness Dance Academy.

Academy : it comes from the Greek name : Academia. The first Academy was the philosophical school founded by Plato in Athens.

The activities consisted, in a holistic vision of life, in research and teachings as well as gymnastic exercises and cultural activities.


Like Plato, our intention is, in a non-dogmatic approach, to reveal the Truth, the Goodness, the Beauty in everyone through the alchemical path of the body and through dance, as an art of transformation and awakening.

As in most traditions where dance has been for a long time a means of connection with nature and the mystery of life, we consider the human not separated from the other kingdoms of nature but as an integral part of ithem . Through dance we connect with Earth as a living being. Its energy vibrates in us as soon as we come into resonance with it. According to the law of analogy, by taking care of our body we take care of our planet.

The academy is inspired by traditions and incorporates also the latest research in quantum therapies aimed at overall well-being. It extolls in this, beyond the art of dance, a more natural and free art of living where the Being in movement is the heart of a human and global ecology aiming to bring harmony in everyone and in different sectors of life and society.

This holistic vision of life (from the Greek Holos: total, global, whole) is outlined in three axes:

Pyramide de Platon
Isness dance enseignement


International trainings, seminars, retreats in nature, initiatory journey given by Fabienne Courmont. Workshops, seminars, class lessons given by Isness Dance practitioners and E’Move® facilitators.

Isness dance recherche et développment

Research and development

Research on traditions, ancient dances and Isadora Duncan, books, articles, conferences. International development of Isness Dance in different sectors of society: education, health, business, disability...

Isness dance création artistique

Artistic creation

Shows, performances, videos and events by Cie Les Pleiades "Sacred Dance Revival" which is an emanation of Isness Dance .

For me, dance is not only the art which allows the soul to express itself through movement, it is also the basis of a whole concept of life, freer, more harmonious, more natural.

Isadora Duncan

Do you want to practice Isness Dance in your area and contact a certified practitioner of Isness Dance? Discover the circle of practitioners.

Cercle des praticiennes de la danse de l'être
Compagine de Danse Les Pléïades

Isness Dance is also the artistic creation that carries and reveals the sacred feminine through Les Pleiades company: Discover the company!