Danse de l'Être®
Isness Dance

Dancing here and now with the presence of your Being, this is the path to liberation which leads to Joy.

Fabienne Courmont

Danse de l'Être énergie de vie

Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être®

Founded on the principle of life energy and on the unity of Body, Soul and Spirit. It’s a bridge between traditions, art therapy and sacred dance, through practices accessible to everyone, it gives the keys to find your natural movement and breaking free your Being from what is holding it back.

It is an universal teaching through a free dance which is the very expression of Being .Thus it restores the essence of dance, eternal, and timeless and embodies the revival of sacred dance.

Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être, voyage initiatique

Initiatory journey

Isness dance leads us to explore all the facets of ourselves by letting the body express what is present within, without pre-conceptions or judgments.

It allows us to rediscover our creative power and to advance in our inner quest.

Quantum dance

By letting the movement come from within, the connection Hara-heart-consciousness , Isness Dance brings consciousness right to the heart of our cells in order to free cellular memories.

Alchemical dance that works to transform the shadow into light in order to raise our vibration to the frequency of love, that of our Being.

Praticienne Danse de l'Être
Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être

Sacred dance revival

Isness Dance embodies the revival of sacred dance in a free dance that Isadora Duncan called The Dance of the Future.

Rooted in traditions, it opens doors to the sacred by allowing everyone to find their Earth-Heaven axis and have the magnificent experience that is the revelation of their Being through their own dance.


the quality of being, the ability to be in the here and now, existence in itself, the divine essence is present in each being and in each thing.

Discover the origins of the inspirations of Isness Dance

Whom is Isness dance for ?

Beyond a dance technique, it is a way of living that invites everyone to become the artist of their life. It is open to all those for whom the body is a gateway to Eternity and self-knowledge.

No movement experience is necessary, what matters is the love of dance. Welcome everyone with or without dance experience!

What does Isness dance bring ?

Everyone's experiences are as different as the people who practice it. The processes encourages correspond to the needs and intentions of the dancer, according to each one's own alchemy, it allows you to:


The Isness dance workshops are a beautiful initiation journey to break free from the psychic obstacles anchored in the physical body. Through Isness dance you can rediscover your roots , anchor yourself to freely express the Divin, the movement of life within you. The life of indescribable beauty, Through dance, you are invited to rediscover your own essence.

Laure - Ste Beaume 2017