Being in motion

Short E'Move ®training

E'move entreprise

The Isness Dance Academy advocates, beyond the art of dance, an art of living freer,and more natural where the Being in movement is at the heart of a human and global ecology aimed at bringing harmony in everyone and in the different sectors of life and society.

For this, two short courses are offered either internally within the framework of companies, organizations, educational structures, or within the framework of the Isness dance training. They are certified by the Isness dance Academy and the C.I.D - UNESCO partner (International Dance Council).

E'move® Education

Education in motion

Created by Fabienne Courmont, this method of awakening the child by movement is inspired by nature, different traditions and free dance of Isadora Duncan

After having taught children of all backgrounds and ages in her school for 10 years and trained early childhood staff for 7 years, she now transmits her method at the end of the first cycle I of Isness dance training during an additional certified module.

The training E'move education in motion is addressed to people and educational structures that wish to help the harmonious growth process of children by promoting relaxation, sensory awakening and creativity


  • Develop the child's psychomotor balance in a creative and fun way
  • Develop a child’s sensitive listening through his body language
  • Integrate the techniques used in the child’s daily life and educational structure

Prerequisites : have completed cycle I of the Isness dance training

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  • Relaxation techniques, Do-In and Massage games for children
  • Exploration of instinctive coordination for children
  • Managing children emotions
  • Free dance and mediating objects
  • Introduction to body rhythms
  • Dance of the 5 elements and creativity inspired by nature
  • Exploration of colors, geometric shapes and the dancing alphabet
  • Sensory and psychomotor acquisitions by age
  • Approach to the psycho-symbolic dimension of the addressed themes
  • Prepare and lead an E’Move session

E'move Enterprise

Enterprise in motion

In a context of economic, environmental and social crisis which announce a paradigm shift, we have to reinvent new models where the human being is at the heart of the company, itself situated in a human and global ecology.

This E'MOVE - Enterprise in motion training offers a support to companies and organizations in change through the media of the free movement erected as an art of living and creating together. I love it !

Movement is life. An alive business is a business in motion. The innovation of E’MOVE is to give concrete tools that put the body in motion in order to establish a well-being in the company and to develop skills in the direction of a new governance.

The training guideline are as follow : group awareness, solidarity, reason of being, creativity, respect for life.

Prerequisites : be in cycle III Danse de l’Être® Practitioner

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E'move enterprise in motionis addressed to companies, associations, organizations that wish to change obsolete operating systems into balanced systems that respect people

Certified course E’move enterprise in motion : Complementary module given during Cycle III of Practitioners Danse de l’Être®.It is aimed at people wishing to intervene in the context of well-being in companies, associations, organizations.


Edith Degrendel : Organization consultant, coach and facilitator.

Fabienne Courmont : Creator of Danse de l’Être®, founder of the Isness Dance Academy

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