There are a thousand paths to reach our inner Being, I choose that one of Dance. My dance is the expression of the Universal Nature and what is good, beautiful and true in everyone. It’s an offering to life.
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Fabienne Courmont

Fabienne Courmont

I am part of those kind of dancers who have woven the fabric of dance since the dawn of time in order to celebrate life, to connect the earth to the sky, and matter to the spirit.

By putting the art back at the heart of life, my intention is to lead people, through dance, to travel within themselves and in the worlds of beauty, to find their original nature, to raise their vibration, in order to reveal the essence of their Being…

Beginnings in dance

Born in 1955 in Roubaix, Fabienne Courmont began at the age of eight, her classical dance studies at the Lille Conservatory.

. At 17 years old, she discovered contemporary dance with Francine Fruchart at the French school of contemporary dance. At the age of 19, she met Karin Waehner atthe Schola Cantorum (Martha Graham - José Limon)Paris.

At 20 years old, she started teaching dance and body expression to children, continuing her artistic career . At 23 years old, she created in Lille, the C.R.D.P Center for Research in Dance and Body Expression eand her first dance companyDance Experience.

Meet with the orient

Attracted by the oriental approach to the movement that connect body, soul and spirit, in Paris she started to learn about different traditions: Taï-Chi with Philippe Laurent, No-theater, Shinto with Yoshi Oïda of Peter Brook’s theater, Butô dance with Tanaka Min. This meeting marked a decisive turning point in her conception of dance.

Dance world tour

At the age of 28,she began a world dance tour in search of a universal language through the sacred roots of dance.

Tour du monde de la danse
Isadora Duncan

United States and Isadora Duncan

This journey started in San Francisco, Isadora Duncan’s hometown, where, she gave her first avant-garde improvisation performances accompanied by two musicians with whom she created the groupKi, Dance music experience..

She met the spirit of Isadora which opened her the way to free dance!

Voir la vidéo

Japan and Butô dance

She continued her trip to Japan to be trained by Tanaka Min at the Body Weather Laboratory where she practiced Butô dance in connection with nature, Tanaka massage and fundamental research exercises in order to break down the border between the inside and the outside of the body becoming a dancerchannel between the earth, the sky and the environment.


In Tokyo she followed the teaching of Kazuo Ohno, the precursor of Butô. With this dance , which explores the darkness and the depth of the psyche , she profoundly transformed her vision of dance and life giving birth to the Butô of Light.

Danse Buto
Danse Indienne

India, sacred dance and Sri aurobindo

After Japan, she was attracted by India and sacred dance. In Madras she was initiated to the sacred dance Bharata Natyam by Swarna Mukhi whose father had found forgotten dance postures in temples.

He helped restore dignity to Indian dance, which had fallen into disuse.

She was fascinated by this search for movement starting from ancient statuary . She would find it later in Greece, searching for the sacred western tradition following the steps of Isadora Duncan.

Austria and Butô in nature

Back in Europe, she stayed for a while in the Austrian mountains to continue her research on the Butô dance in connection with nature. She performed in the fountains of Salzburg and the parks of Vienna with the dancer Wolf Yunger who she met at theBody Weather Loboratory in Tokyo.

Danse Buto Autriche

Personal development

At 31 years old, wishing to deepen her understanding of the human being, she began a seven year cycle of work on herself, her spiritual progress and exploration of holistic therapies in France, in Quebec atthe institute of personal development, in U.S.A, in Scotland at Findhorn (Rebirth, cognitive therapy, creative visualization, group awareness) while co-directing a Center for research and sharing of holistic life near Geneva.


From 36 to 44 years old, an alchemy took place and linking her dance practice to her inner work, she gave her first dance therapy workshops in France near Geneva, in Annecy ... At the same time, she worked in different environments as a psycho-physical trainer: nurseries, hospitals, educational environment, integration...

She created her first training modules: Child awakening through movementwhich will become E'MOVE and TANAKA MASSAGE, the art of breath and touch .

Isness Dance Logo

Through an universal language

In 2003 she entirely devoted herself to dance and began to train people in her dance therapy method, which became in 2008 the Isness dance - Danse de l’Être®.

At the same time, as an independent dancer-choreographer, she created multi-artistic and multicultural shows and events in various countries: France, Quebec, India, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece. In 2014 , she created in Athens the dance performance “Isadora and the dance of the future” in tribute to Isadora Duncan at the Dora Stratou Theater in Athens.

In 2012 she participated in the first international dance therapy congress organized in Athens by the C.I.D. (International Dance Council) - UNESCO partner. Alkis Raftis, the president and the Isadora Duncan specialist, recognized her and encouraged her to internationally spread her work .

She participated in the international congress on dance research of CID- UNESCO partner : conferences, workshops and performances and she created a C.I.D section in Avignon. She also intervened in the United States in the international symposium of Isadora Duncan (Chicago, St Francisco). In 2015, she started to create the foundations of what would become ISNESS DANCE ACADEMY in 2018 .

In 2018, she created the international dance companyLes Pleiades as part of the project Ancient Dance Revival of the Dora Stratou theater in Athens and created the show « Demeter, the awakening of the Earth » in the spirit of the ancient Greek theater which will be presented in France and Greece ...

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