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Sacred Dance Revival

Compagnie Les Pléïades

The Pleiades Archeodance Company Cie draws its roots in Nature and in the ancient traditions from which it is inspired to go towards a universal language,in a free dance that Isadora Duncan called The Dance of the Future.

The manifestation of the company’s expression ranges from performances, to films and events inspired by Nature, mythology , ancient and contemporary sites

The Company inscribes a carnal, historical and symbolic relationship between the dancers, the place and its history in order to leave a trace, a timeless imprint listening to what has preceded, the presence in the moment and what will follow.

As did the ancient Greeks, the dancers honour Mother Earth, the Nature, the Universe, in a quest for the Platonic ideal of Beauty Goodness, and Truth. Their dance is an offering, a dance ceremony which invites the public, witnesses of the moment, to live a communion in the place where the dance takes place.

On the way of the plot drawn and wanted by the choreographer, the group of dancers has a latitude of action allowing to match their feelings with the reality of the moment that composes the place, the surrounding nature, the public, the weather ...

It is this connection of external and internal parameters that defines the Archeodance© and that makes each event a unique moment..

Compagnie Les Pléïades

Fabienne Courmont, choreographer and artistic director of the Company.

La The Co Pleiades Archeodance© was created within the Dance Academy of Isness dance in partnership with the Dora Stratou National Theater in Athens as part of the "Ancient Dance Revival" project.

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Demeter, le réveil de la terre


The Awakening of the Earth

This show is inspired by different cultural traditions : ancient Greek Theatre and Nô Theatre,Butô, dervish and the free dance of Isadora Duncan.

It traces, in a timeless quest, the myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, and the mysteries of life associated with the cycles of the seasons.

It challenges us on how our cultural heritage allows us to find harmony with ourselves, nature and the universe.

Like ancient Greek theater, it harmoniously combines dance, poetry and music, bringing the audience to release their emotions through a catharsis.

As part of this project, we can offer Isness dance workshops and conferences in collaboration with local organizers.

Demeter, le mythe

The myth

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter tells the unconditional love story of Demeter for her daughter Persephone who is at the origin of the birth of the seasons .

The beautiful Persephone was raised secretely in Sicily by her mother Demeter, Goddess of agriculture and harvesting. She grew up in the shelter of everyone, having only the Oceanids for company.

But one day Hades, God of the Underworld, kidnapped her to make her his Queen. Demeter went in search of her only daughter for nine days and nine nights before declaring: "The Earth will be hungry until I find my daughter". The Goddess went to the Underworld looking for her, but Hades refused to return her

The case was presented to the God of the Gods Zeus, who therefore found a solution for both : for six months of the year Persephone would be with her mother and for the other six months she would be in the Underworld by the side of her husband Hades

This is why in winter, the weather is dark and cold, nothing grows any more because Demeter is alone and sad. While in spring and summer, when her daughter is back from the Underworld, her joy awakens the Earth, flowers bloom, buds are born, crops abound.

Demeter, le spectacle


  • Choreographer
  • Fabienne Courmont
  • Dancers
  • Fabienne Courmont : Demeter
  • Angelina Aomar : Persephone
  • Natacha Liege : Hades
  • Lucie Medoc : Hermès
  • Alizea Goldschmidt
  • Tine Bartels
  • Rossella Rubini
  • Narration
  • Elsa Stinermann (France) - Anna Lazou (Greece)
  • Costumes
  • Angelina Aomar

The show has been presented in France and Greece.


  • 09.08 Festival sous les étoiles - Théâtre de verdure Cotignac (Var)
  • 14.09 Duncan Center in Athens
  • 17.09 Emelia Festival - Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens


  • 07.07 Festival de théâtre antique de Vaison la Romaine
  • 15.09 Festival Iliopouli pai sto theatro at Theatre Dimitris K. in Athens
  • 16.09 Emelia Festival - Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens
  • 19.10 Rencontres au cœur du mouvement in Nîmes
Compagnie Les Pléïades

The company Pleiades offers other shows and also a projectThe awakening of the Earth - Sacred feminine dance pilgrimage - The eternal dance, from ancient to futureon the ancient and vibrating places which carry the ancestral memory of the sacred, in different European countries: France, Greece , Italy, Bulgaria.

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The dance of the future will be a highly spiritual art as in the time of the Ancient Greeks. Because an art which is not spiritual is not an art, it is any commodity...

Isadora Duncan

Spectacle hommage à Isadora Duncan

The dance of the future, a tribute to Isadora Duncan

Premier given in 2014 in Athens, a hundred years after the arrival of Isadora Duncan in Greece. This show carries Isadora Duncan's visionof a unique art, where as in Sophocles' time, dance, poetry, music, dramaturgy and architecture formed a harmonious unity.

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The dove mystery

Michel Garnier’s new oratorioThe dove mystery, choir of 100 choristers and 18 dancers from the Isness dance Academy directed by Fabienne Courmont, originally scheduled for Pentecost 2020, has been postponed to Pentecost 2021.

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Spectacle le mystère de la colombe