Les sept principes de la Danse de l'Être

Isness dance's 7 principles

The 7 principles ,based on the universal laws of the sacred traditions , are the philosophical pillars of Isness Dance practice.

Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être, voyage initiatique

I. Energy's dance

Life energy is present in everything and everywhere.

It flows freely within us when there is harmony.

By letting go of this movement of energy, everyone can work towards their own alchemy and release the barriers that prevent them from being.

II. Hara, the zero point

Hara, the human vital center is our point of balance and grounding to the Earth.

It is the zero point of all natural and instinctive movement. From this zero point we can let life energy circulate throughout the body.

It is fundamental to be centered into our Hara to give birth to our internal movement and meet our inner Being through dance.

Praticienne Danse de l'Être
Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être

III. The cyclic movement

Any movement has a beginning, a development and an end.

This notion of q life cycle through our dance guides us to our inner harmony in connection with the rhythm of nature and the universe.

IV. Yin-Yang forces balance

According to the TAO, any movement is part of the flow and the reflux of the two primordial principles YIN-YANG which are constantly interpenetrating, creating life.

Harmony comes from the balance of these opposing forces.

Praticienne Danse de l'Être
Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être

V. Nature,source of inspiration

Observing the forms and the movements of nature, it is essential to rediscover our natural movement.

In communion with nature and the elements, we receive the fundamental elements which are the basis of the dance.

Nature brings us back to our true nature, our essential Being.

VI. Be inter-related

Energy connects us to everything that lives. Our body contains the universe.

We dance the universe in our cells and the universe dances in us. We were mineral, vegetable, animal before being human.

All this is written in the memory of our cells. To dance means to activate these memories.

Praticienne Danse de l'Être
Isness Dance - Danse de l'Être

VII. Body-soul-mind unite

It is the soul that dances and sets the body in motion.

It is by developing awareness through dance simultaneously in the three centers: Hara, Heart and Consciousness that body, soul and spirit are unified.

We can then access dance in its most subtle and sacred dimension.

© Extract of the book « La Danse de l’Être » of Fabienne Courmont

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